Dowty Seals work!!!!!

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Re: Dowty Seals work!!!!!

Post by citroenxm » 07 Nov 2013, 20:17

Woow.. chris..

I noticed the unions are a largef size with 3.5mm type pipes.. but i have not removed any to look at closer.

I took your unions out of the xantia struts!! Wait till you see what i have on the other thread...

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Re: Dowty Seals work! and a shortcut as well

Post by c.morewood » 22 Mar 2018, 18:02

Great news.. you don't have to remove the rear cylinder to fit a dowty seal. I've just fitted one on "T" Ecohouses old mk2 TD using a multi tool to cut the ridge off and the sander to sand away any ridges. This means that you can do a seal in about 2 hours!!
Remove the old sphere, loosening it on "high" before lowering to low and depressurising.
Pack tissue into the cylinder to stiop any debris getting in.
Clear off all the old LHM.
Using the multi tool use the small blade, for metal to cut carefully away at the seal ridge so that the end of the cylinder is as flat as you can get it.
Then change the head for a sanding one with emry paper on it.
Carefully feel for the little ridges, especially ones that radiate outwards which may lead to leaks.
Use the sander attachment to sand these away and create as smooh a surface as possible.
Smear the surface of the cylinder in a sealant such as blue hylomar or other LHM resistant seal.
Then smear the surfaces of the dowty seal and place it on the cylinder.
Add an extra smear of sealant round the base of the threads on the sphere, taking care not to get any near the opening of the sphere and carefully offer up the sphere to the cylinder, taking care not to cross thread.
Tighten the sphere as much as you can without bending the bracket holding the cylinder.
Tighten the depressurise screw and turn the engine on setting the height to High and tighten the sphere fully using the tool.. you'll need to tighten it slightly more than you would using a standard rubber seal ... and bobs your uncle!!
Time saved ? About 2 weeks

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Re: Dowty Seals work!!!!!

Post by CitroJim » 24 Mar 2018, 17:41

Chris, that's excellent news :)