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zx bomb
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ZX Clock

Post by zx bomb » 20 Nov 2001, 23:55

As the days grow shorter and the long dark nighhts draw in my 1997 1.4 ZX has decided to make it darker still by not having a backlight to the dashboard mounted clock.the clock itself works perfectly but I can only see it during the day!
Is there anyway of either repairing or replacing the existing clock without demolishing the dash?
Thanks in advance Ian

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Post by thew » 20 Dec 2001, 02:37

Just lever out the clock surround, (carefully, don't damage the dash) and unscrew the clock. The bulb is a little twisty fit affair, cost's 40p takes 2 mins.
Horray, the only 2 minute job ever carried out on a Citroen!!