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map sensor

Post by Chiinkian » 07 Jun 2013, 17:52

hi i am looking for a map sensor to fit my xm 2.5 t d 1997 if any one has got one or knows were i can aquire one could you let me by email or phone on 0~7~5~3~1~9~6~6~1~6~6 thanks john i live in derbyshire

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Re: map sensor

Post by Mandrake » 07 Jun 2013, 21:27

As far as I know diesels don't use a MAP (manifold absolute pressure) sensor as they don't have a throttle plate to generate a vacuum...

Or do you mean a hot wire MAF (mass air flow) sensor ?

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Re: map sensor

Post by myglaren » 07 Jun 2013, 23:12

couldn't say if it was universal on diesels but mine has one on a little tube off the intercooler.
Citroen don't call it a MAP sensor but that is what it is. This is in addition to the MAF.
Before the MAF was changed there was also a fault code indicating a defective MAP sensor.
Replacing the MAF restored the performance and I never got around to replacing the MAP, which may well still be defective.
Possibly why my economy is rubbish, come to think of it.

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Re: map sensor

Post by CitroJim » 08 Jun 2013, 07:06

The 2.5 does as it's got a Bosch Electronic pump on it, The Bosch version of the Lucas EPIC, so it will...

John, go and have a look over on Club-XM as there are a large number of 2.5 owners over there and they might well be able to help..

I can't as I only do petrol these days...

What makes you believe the MAP sensor is into trouble?

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Re: map sensor

Post by Lighty » 08 Jun 2013, 17:21

I can confirm that Jon's car does have a MAP, as I diagnosed it, and told him to post on here, as I didnt know where to get one from.
The MAP has a large alloy body and the pipe is bolted on via a banjo fixing. It is the biggest sensor I have seen :D
Hopefully some on ecan help, as this car badly needs it to correct a running issue.

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Re: map sensor

Post by RichardW » 08 Jun 2013, 20:39

If it's the EEC95 engine, then it's still available from Citroen (1920 3L) - £185 though! Alternatively looks like Amazon or e-bay.

The earlier one (1920T7) is NFP from Citroen, but appears to be shared with BMW - This mob look to able to supply one: