xantia lhm leak

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xantia lhm leak

Post by AllenR » 18 Nov 2001, 17:00

I have fluid leaking out of the hose which is to the right side of the sphere at the front of the engine The hose has a white line runnig along is length up to the main resovoir,also has green/yellow band around it. Does anybody know if hydraulic crimps at hose ends are remakeable or is it a new part

Dave Burns
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Post by Dave Burns » 20 Nov 2001, 03:47

Does this pipe come from the bottom of the regulator, if so this is the return from the pump to the reservoir and is low pressure, a jubilee clip can be used on this pipe, the pipe you described in your earlier post on this subject is at high pressure and will resist any attempt at a diy repair.
Good luck