ZX 1.4i problems starting in cold days

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ZX 1.4i problems starting in cold days

Post by grama » 18 Nov 2001, 16:08

Hi all,
I've recently bought a Citroen ZX 1.4i. On hot days when i turn the ingition key I start the car normally (in 1-2 sec time.) , but on cold days and cold engine when i turn the ignition on it needs at least 3 or more seconds and it takes so long time for the car to start.
During these 3 or more sec. all i hear is the eletromotor/ignition trying to start the engine. Of course after the time it starts, but that's a slow start compared to my old Opel Ascona 1.6 car which didn't have any problems at all no matter of the engine status or weather conditions.
Does anyone know what the problem might be? battery? ignition problems?
Sign of something bad that may come :))) ?