Pierburg carb problem

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Pierburg carb problem

Post by Slow » 16 Nov 2001, 02:13

I'm new here so Hi everbody
We've had various BX and XMs in the family but this problem has us foxed.
BX 1.9 with carburettor is difficult to start (getting worse as winter comes) then runs fine for 15mins or so before hesitating on part throttle and getting worse until undriveable. Full throttle works but it'll try to stall otherwise.
Local mechanic reckons the carb is duff but I can't see why, or why it would be temperature dependent.
Other possible fault is water in petrol tank but again I can't see the problems being caused by this.
I'm needing a fix costing pennies at most (don't we all).
Any ideas greatfully received. I'm a willing tinkerer but don't want to make things worse by experimenting.
'89 BX 1.9 Auto

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Post by jonnyboy » 21 Nov 2001, 11:22

Sounds to me like carb problems ! Had a similar one with a MK11 Astra (Pierburg Carb)which I cured with a carb recon kit for about £15. possibly dirt in one of the jets, when cold, metal contracts taking the jets below any tolerance levels especially if partially blocked. Have you tried spraying the carb throat with cleaner when throttle held part open (engine running)? Also is the auto choke fuctioning properly ? Is there an air leak,(exaggerated when engine warms up) between thottle body & manifold) Spray some carb cleaner using extension pipe for accuracy around the joint,(avoid air intake) if the engine speed picks up hten you've got a leak or worn butterfly component.
Hope this gives a few pointers to your problem.