Xantia Alarm / Electrics issues

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Xantia Alarm / Electrics issues

Post by D.Slatford » 13 Nov 2001, 08:00

Some minor annoying gripes I've always had with my Xantia - can anyone shed light onto what they could be, or even just experianced the same?
* The red light on the dash that flashes when the alarm is armed is on continually with the ignition on. It's constantly glaring at me like a huge red "somethings broken" light when I'm driving!
* Immobiliser occasionally won't accept any code, right or wrong, several times before righting itself. Red and green lights come on after any four digit number entered. Only seems to happen in wet weather. The citroen garage found this when the car was serviced, removed keypad and cleaned all connections, including those to the ECU with no effect. Later on it just started working - they were mystified, I was disillusioned.
* Orange engine fault light has lit twice before now on long journeys for several miles. Nothing else bad experianced. ECU (if it's supposed to) hadn't logged any faults.
I'd love to know the cause of any of the above, particularly the red light on the dash. Still regards the alarm, how do I disable it prior to removing the battery? Turning the key in the hidden switch near the wipers doesn't give me any indication either way whether it's armed or not, short of breaking in and deafening myself to find out.

Brian Roberts
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Post by Brian Roberts » 19 Nov 2001, 23:45

If you read my related topics on my alarm problem, the indicator problem also made the red light flash, try removing fuse 17 (alarm positive)in the fuse panel to the right and down from the steering wheel. you could also have a relay problem like me.