please help! Strut Tops.

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Re: please help! Strut Tops.

Post by taffy » 25 Apr 2017, 12:27

Wow this thread still helping people :)
Hope everyone is well I've finally got a c5 1.6 hdi facelift!! Years I've waited!! Haha I'll be back for advice soon lol!!
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Re: please help! Strut Tops.

Post by CitroJim » 23 Apr 2018, 05:44

Good to see you again Taffy! Welcome back :D

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Re: please help! Strut Tops.

Post by 1080 » 03 May 2018, 20:57

Hello, I sold two new ones last week. I have been looking at some of the devices to prevent the damage and have been wondering about using seat belt webbing and the normal strut mounting bolts?
A standard safety-belt has a tensile strength of around 3,000 Kg. I have also seen complete cars being carried using a single seat belt webbing. When I make some, I'll post some photos on this post, if that's allowed. Or do I need to start a new post?
Also, I have just located four new ones (normal pipe fitting 2 x LH 2 x RH) about fifty miles from here. Since looking at the actual photos of the destruction that strut top failure causes, I'm going to buy a couple for my latest 37,000 Xantia. It's spent a lot of it's life either garaged, or in a Citroen Dealership's showroom, so I thought I'd be OK. Just going to be sure :-)
Anyway, I am going on Saturday to get two of them. Details on stuff for sale bit if anyone wants me to collect the remaining two for them.