ZX front suspension strut mounting split

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ZX front suspension strut mounting split

Post by Firelite » 10 Nov 2001, 23:15

I was giving my ZX 1.9 TD a check over today and noticed the front nearside suspension mount point under the bonnet has two splits. There are two splits in the metal work each running from a suspension strut mounting bolt to the cut out where the top of the suspension pokes through.
Does anybody know why this occurred? and is it an MOT failure.

Dave Burns
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Post by Dave Burns » 29 Nov 2001, 05:16

Hi, noticed today that my n/s mounting is also split from the cut out to the rear bolt hole, going by the amount of rust round it it's been there for some time, car was tested in late August, bloke was strict but did'nt mention it, think he would have failed it if he'd seen it though.