smoky diesel

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smoky diesel

Post by lara » 06 Nov 2001, 05:49

My 1.7 Turbo diesel BX estate, belchs out a lot of smoke (not blue) when starting. Also idles roughly has very little power, once warm goes fine. Have checked glow plugs, all glow red, have been using injector cleaner.
It has done 195,000 miles, could it need new injectors?
Seems like it is pumping in too much fuel, smell of unburnt fuel out of exhaust.
Thanks Lara
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Post by eaudevie » 06 Nov 2001, 14:29

I would take a look at the Cold Start Device. It is a sometimes called a 'Wax Stat' and is about 2" in Diameter and is mounted on your thomostat housing with a cable coming out of it. This is similar to an automatic choke on a petrol engine. It should move about 6-10mm from a cold engine and a hot engine it is either not working or is not adjusted properly.