BX14RE Clutch Saga

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BX14RE Clutch Saga

Post by markus » 05 Nov 2001, 11:43

Hi all
I have a citroen BX14RE MK2 early with the old laid back Visa type engine
and i have always needed legs like Arnold Schwarznegger to operate
the clutch. Anyway one day i was was driving along and the clutch
just failed and i could not even get it into gear. I had to stop the
engine and start it in gear to get home again.
So a local mechanic that came recomended replaeced the cluth for me
at what i thought was rather expensive because he said it was a
dificult job to do even tho he said he had done serveral before.
Anyway 3 months later and still having legs like Arnold Schwarznegger
it went again.
As anyone had a similar experiance with a BX14 early type engine ?


Post by Jon » 06 Nov 2001, 18:19

Would think that your problem probably lies with the clutch cable, these are notoriously bad on early BX14, and prone to stretching, siezing etc. The cable fault sounds like its probably causing the heavy clutch, and premature failure of same.
Also check the pedal gear, its common for the welds to break away, causing the clutch cable to operate at an angle, again leading to a heavy pedal. Only option is to remove pedal gear and weld, or replace pedal gear if that is the case.
Jon Wood
IT Supervisor
GSF t/as Andyspares