Wax removal of AX bumpers

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Wax removal of AX bumpers

Post by leovon1 » 03 Nov 2001, 00:47

Has anybody made the mistake of trying to colour wax the textured bumpers on a AX? if so what thehel gets off the white residue that you simply can't get rid of? Have tried white spirit, 'de-solve it' , and a host of others but to no avail! help!!!!!!

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Post by Dave1 » 06 Nov 2001, 03:35

Just a suggestion but it may be worthwhile having them bumpbers steam cleaned. The heat and pressure should remove the wax. Best make sure it will not dammage your bumpers!
Good Luck

John Buckley
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Post by John Buckley » 28 Nov 2001, 17:12

What a nightmare isn't it?
I had to use a very soft brass wire brush to get the bulk of it off but it's a boring job.
Hope this helps.