Dead AX

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Dead AX

Post by lara » 29 Oct 2001, 03:36

My friends Ax is dead, battery is totally flat, have jump started it and now starts fine. Fan belt seems all right, Battery and alternater were checked recently, charging properly, no lights left on. Any ideas?
thanks Lara
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Post by Joolz » 15 Jan 2002, 03:48

I had a similar problem with a Ford Escort a few years ago. On that occassion the battery wasn't firmly located and would shift slightly. It would touch the bonnet hinge (when closed) and directly short out causing the battery to flatten and the car to die instantly. Open the bonnet and the problem was not apparent. I don't know the layout of an AX so this might be no use at all!

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Post by JohnD » 17 Jan 2002, 00:52

A duff battery maybe?????? My three year old Xantia's battery suddenly gave up, fifteen minutes after a 200 mile drive.

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Post by hardmanm » 30 Jan 2002, 17:39

Unfortunately modern batteries tend to suddenly die, usually brought on by a cold snap, producing exactly the symptoms you describe, this can happen when they are as young as 2-3 years. It is probably worth checking that nothing is discharging the battery, it you can't find anything resign yourself to getting a new battery.