LHM replacement

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Chris Peddie
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LHM replacement

Post by Chris Peddie » 19 Oct 2001, 15:16

Hi all,
This has probably been covered on previous threads for a BX, but can anyone give me a blow by blow guide to replacing the lhm on a xantia as I haven't done it myself before.
I have previously been warned off bleeding through the brakes due to the possibility of shearing off the bleed screws - has this ever been a problem for anyone?
Bearing in mind the car is a 96' at 117k and has never to my knowledge had the lhm properly replaced (has only had the tank drained and refilled, which is not ideal!) so the bleed screws have probably never been opened.
Replacement/flushing will hopefully improve the ride, which seems a bit bumpy at the moment - all the spheres are newish so unless one has failed I don't suspect these although the car does ride a bit too high at the back in normal (probably a knackered height corrector mechanism? - it can be a bit stubborn going up to high), and intermediate is the same as high (related problem?).
Right, I think I've gone on long enough, but as always, any advice much appreciated,
Cheers, Chris

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Post by JohnD » 20 Oct 2001, 00:05

Hi Chris - Unlike the BX, when I wanted to move the tank I found I had to cut the hose clips and remove them from the cover. Having done that, mark them to enable them to go back correctly. The tank comes away after removing a couple of screws. Empty the tank and clean the filters. Haynes tells it fairly well. If the lhm hasn't been changed before it would be as well to put in some flushing fluid. If you do that, bleed each brake in turn until clean fluid runs out. If the bleed nipples seem to be siezed a quick warm-up with a blow torch sometimes helps. Leave the flushing fluid in for 1000 miles or so, then repeat the process with new lhm. - Cheers!

Chris Peddie
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Post by Chris Peddie » 24 Oct 2001, 14:21

Cheers John, I thought it would be pretty similar to doing a BX so will have a go once I get the fluids, and it stops raining - I don't generally trust the haynes if it says the job is easy, since this usually means something completely different in my experience!!
Thanks again, and hopefully the bleed screws will remain in one piece :)

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Post by neildp » 31 Oct 2001, 04:00

I changed the lhm on my Xantia for the first time last weekend, and found it fairly straightforward with Haynes. The cover will come off without cutting the pipes, just wiggle it. I replaced the lhm filters at the same time (£19.50 from Citroen!!!), make sure the rigid black plastic pipes from the return pipes into the return filter are in place when you put the new filter on. It took about 3 litres of lhm to refill the reservoir.