BX Brakes (Again)

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BX Brakes (Again)

Post by Machra » 18 Oct 2001, 19:48

I have had 3 BXs and I have had a problem with the front brakes on them all. When I service the brakes, change disks, pads etc they always run very hot. The disks that is. I end up having to back off the handbrake cables a fair amount which in turn gives me rather poor braking. Why I am posting is that I have just bought a Xantia that needs new Disks, 65000 miles, and by the look of them they have been getting hot. Before I start with this car is there any tricks to the front brakes or am I doing something wrong.I always free up the pistons turning them in and out of the calipers and make sure everything is clean and free of rust including the anti squeal shims.

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Post by pwatson » 19 Oct 2001, 01:39

Not had the same problems as you with BX brakes - my old one did 170,000 miles with only one change of discs and my "new" one has just had new discs at 130,000 miles. However, my wife's Xantia had a change of discs at 65,000 miles and from other postings on this and other boards this is not unusual - unless others know differently!

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Post by eaudevie » 05 Nov 2001, 15:46

Since the removal of abestos from the brake linings, the replacement material makes the discs get hotter and hence wear out quicker. 65,000 miles I would have thought would be very good for a first time replacement.

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Post by JohnD » 06 Nov 2001, 01:02

My Xantia at 45000 is well into it's second set of front pads and the discs are showing a tell-tale ridge around the edges. I have the new discs ready in the garage to put on before next year's MOT.