Plastic Rear drive height link

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Plastic Rear drive height link

Post by chrischard » 15 Oct 2001, 03:17

The rear plastic drive height link on my Xantia keeps on falling off. I have tried new plastic links fron Citroen but have come to the conclusion that corrosion has reduced the diameter of the metal ball so much that it no longer fits the ball joint. Any cures other than an expensive visit to the citroen dealer for a complete new rear height control mechanism ? Many thanks.

Dave Burns
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Post by Dave Burns » 17 Oct 2001, 03:53

These little toads don't seem to need much of a reason to flirt off, i've had it happen twice on the rear of different cars and at lowish mileage, a new one allways sorted it though, if what you are saying about the reduced diameter of the ball is true then the surface of it will be rough and heavily pitted, I suspect though that there is another reason for it like a stiffening of components due to rust causing the plastic link to opperate beyond it's design load maybe.