xm central locking

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xm central locking

Post by jimbo » 08 Oct 2001, 13:16

Ihave a 1991 2.0 si which unlocks on its own ? when locked ,it immediatly unlocks when
using the fob or the passenger door key, the drivers lock just spins but the central locking worked while this fault was evident. Any help please !!

David Goddard
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Post by David Goddard » 13 Oct 2001, 02:55

I'm only guessing, but I suspect there is a switch in each door lock which "signals" when the doors are in the fully closed position. Reason - on my Xantia, if I try to lock the car when one of the doors is not fully closed (on the 1st rather than the 2nd latch), it does what yours is doing - unlocks again.

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Post by mikephipps » 26 Oct 2001, 01:11

I had this problem with a BX. THe problem was that the drivers door was not actually locking (as if it were open) causing the system to unlock the car. THe problem was broken wires to the lock motor - the power wires. Fixing these meant the driver's door locked and the system worked. The wires were broken in the rubber hose between door and frame. I was advised this was common on BX. Can't comment on XM as I haven't had one (yet)
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