more xantia suspension!

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more xantia suspension!

Post by alab » 06 Oct 2001, 21:40

The rear suspension on my bosses L reg Xantia TD has suddenly decided not to rise at all in normal use. The front behaves fine, but the only way to get the back up is to move the lever up, then the rear goes up to max height, but stays there. It will go right down if you move the lever to min, but it is full height or nothing! As the car is not mine, I am not sure about the history, but as far as I know everything else is ok. If anyone can help, I would be very grateful! (so would my boss!) Alastair (87 BX19RD, 90 XM2.0Sei, 71 Morris Minor Pick Up!)

Dave Burns
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Post by Dave Burns » 07 Oct 2001, 02:33

The rear height corrector linkage is begining to sieze up, you will have to get under the car and clean it with a wire brush and WD40, when you have got it working freely shovel some grease round it.
Make sure the car is well supported if you are going to do it yourself.