Xantia suspension

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mike davies
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Xantia suspension

Post by mike davies » 03 Oct 2001, 18:14

I have just changed all 6 spheres on my 110 bhp HDI estate 1999 model(non hydractive)The car rises and falls a lot quicker now but when raising from low to normal or high the low pressure system light comes on. I have the flush oil in at present an know it is a thinner viscosity but why am I getting low pressures?
Thanks, Mike

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Post by iancook2000 » 04 Oct 2001, 13:37

Are you sure the fluid level is up to the correct mark when the car is set at its HIGHEST setting? The warning lamp is not just low pressure, it's also low fluid level.
Just a thought.
Ian Cook

mike davies
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Post by mike davies » 04 Oct 2001, 20:44

thanks for the reply but I checked it this morning and it is correct. The car has done only 26,000 miles when the ride went all hard. the fluid was very dark green but the filters were reasonably clean.The stop lamp and the fluid level/pressure lamps used to take 30 sec's to go out from start up in the morning. They now go out in 2 sec's flat. The steering had become less notchy as well. The symtoms do not seem to point to the pump. Any other ideas would be appreciated.
thanks Mike.

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Post by nevorton1 » 15 Oct 2001, 03:06

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