Aren't ZX's fantastic

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Aren't ZX's fantastic

Post by JamesOstridge » 09 Feb 2001, 04:39

ZX - a great car I'm sure you'll all agree. I bought an eight year old one with 92,000 miles and have proceeded to add 14,000 in 7 months enjoying every minute and only having to replace the tyres. Basically, the best car I have ever driven.

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Post by madpenguin » 09 Feb 2001, 17:58

I can't agree more. ZX TD, bought with 54k on clock, 14 months later 150k on clock. Only things gone are alt belt tensioner, thermostat seal and headlight bulb.

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Post by alweekes » 23 Feb 2001, 18:27

I agree totally!
92 1.9D, with 50k. I've done 16K in it so far at an average fuel consumption of 51 MPG, which saves me about £40+ a month compared with my previous vehicle.
I've never driven a 'conventionally' sprung car that rides so well, yet handles at the same time, which is a big bonus since conservation of momentum is quite important without a turbo ;)

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Post by mjohnconnor » 24 Mar 2001, 00:42

I wholeheartedly agree. what do I do when mine finally starts to give trouble. what do you replace such a car with. have heard sad things of the xsara.
martin connor

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Post by jloner2 » 24 Mar 2001, 16:09

guys guys, BX 1.9 diesel here in ireland, 89
and 350,000 miles on it...there is some going for ya....

Dave Bamber
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Post by Dave Bamber » 26 Mar 2001, 00:37

<BLOCKQUOTE id=quote><font size=1 face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" id=quote>quote:<hr height=1 noshade id=quote>
guys guys, BX 1.9 diesel here in ireland, 89
and 350,000 miles on it...there is some going for ya....

<hr height=1 noshade id=quote></BLOCKQUOTE id=quote></font id=quote><font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" size=2 id=quote>350,000!! Is it a turbo and how many head gasgets had it had?

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Post by neilminto » 02 Apr 2001, 02:07

Since you mention it, and now I've sold mine - "NO"!


Post by Jon » 06 Apr 2001, 13:49

I sort of agree, took mine from 48,000 to 118,000 miles, 70,000 miles in 2.5 years. It never let me down, BUT:
Had to fit complete new Cylinder head due to major water loss.
Pulley fell off PAS pump one night on the M4.
Alternator belt tensioner failed
Replaced rear dampers, and all the other rubber metal mounts needed replacing.
On the plus side of things, I did'nt put a clutch in until 104,000, and that was only because it was a bit heavy. Alternator, starter etc etc were all original.Did not have to change front discs until 98,0000, when I put in the 2nd set of front pads as well!!
It did get driven really really hard, and covered some memorable journeys such as South of France back to Swindon in one hit etc etc. I do miss the thing a lot, but there was so much wrong with it towards the ens(heater controls snapped inside dash, starting problems that could not be cured, broken subframe mounts, worn rear arm bearings) that I traded it. I ended up with a Berlingo Multispace that I realised straight away was unsuitable for my motorway journeys, so I gave this to my wife!
I presently drive a 204,000 mile Visa Diesel(economical, reliable, rusty), which I am replacing with...........
a ZX Aura TD !!!!! very soon!!