Xantia 1.9TD BHP

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Xantia 1.9TD BHP

Post by vanny » 05 Aug 2003, 23:20

Anybody know the standard BHP of a 1.9TD as fitted to a Xantia?
Had mine rolling roaded, wanted to see how it compared.
Did come out at 140lb/ft torque, compared to 133lb/ft for a BX 16v, think i know what im gonna tow with now :)

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Post by VisaGTi16v » 05 Aug 2003, 23:24

should be 90 I think or possibly 92 as ive seen in some places.
Diesels always have far more torque than petrols. Bolt a turbo onto a bx16v engine as they did with the rare 405 t16 in france and you would end up with around 200lb/ft :)

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Post by nick » 05 Aug 2003, 23:35

It was 92 until Citroen began fitting exhaust catalysts and egr systems to them, then it dropped to 90.

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Post by mbunting » 06 Aug 2003, 00:37

I thought torque was somewhere in the region of 150lb/ft at approx 2400rpm wasn't it ?

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Post by Powerman » 06 Aug 2003, 16:49

I have figures of 92 Bhp and 148 lbft of torque. I have a 96 turbo d 1.9 with cat and egr. Standard max boost is 0.8 bar roughly 12 psi.
I just had my Xantia boosted. Boost pressure up to 1.15 bar and fueling optimised to match it. Plus a K&N high flow air fliter. Now have 110 Bhp and around 175 lbft of torque. It goes realy well. Done by a professional diesel sport specialist. Just tuned..not chipped.

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Post by blueboy2001 » 06 Aug 2003, 22:08

Which diesel place did it Powerman?

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Post by vanny » 06 Aug 2003, 23:46

Obviously the best place is Allard Turbo Sport, but a friends just come back from there having spent over 1k, i really dont wat to go downt that route though. £100+ order into andyspare AGAIN today gonna get the little things fixed, then tinker!

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Post by Powerman » 07 Aug 2003, 01:17

Yes it was Allard Turbo Sport in Monmouth. It cost 80 quid. Cheep at twice the price.