Brake conversion

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Brake conversion

Post by smurfen » 27 Sep 2001, 01:27

I'm wondering if anyone here has ever tried to fit the brakes from a Xantia TCT (288mm discs) to a BX 16V (268mm discs), from what I've heard it can be done, but you have to use 15" wheels to clear the calipers.
Is this right, can you just swap the discs and calipers from a Xantia to a BX?
Has anyone here ever seen or maybe even done it themselves?
Please give me any information possible on this matter.


Post by Jon » 27 Sep 2001, 21:12

Strangely enough....on Saturday an Andyspares customer arrived here in a BX 16v fitted with Xantia 16V front discs and calipers! He also had 17" wheels. He said that it was a fairly straightforward job, I think that the only problem may have been the brake hoses. If you mail me at I will put you in touch with the guy (he has not got email) and he will talk you through
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