BX 16 Valve ABS

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BX 16 Valve ABS

Post by brian6 » 24 Sep 2001, 21:44

The ABS works normally under heavy braking.
The ABS panel indicator light is also operating correctly.
Occasionally(3 times out of 10) under normal braking the ABS operates.Any ideas?

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Post by Jon » 25 Sep 2001, 18:14

If the ABS checks out OK, and the warning light is not lit, I can only assume that the fault lies elsewhere. Could be that there a fault with the brake doseur valve. If this is faulty, it will often intermittantly apply the brakes.
I hope that Alan S from Aus may shed some light on this problem, he is our BX 16v owning forum expert. Alan, are you there?
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Post by alan s » 27 Sep 2001, 04:01

Hi, I'm here. Been a bit busy on other matters so sorry for the delay.
Spotted this posting the other day and it does look a bit of a weird one.
My thoughts are that it would appear to be more of a mechanical rather than electronic type of problem.
Apart from Jon's suggestion I would look at possible pistons seized or partially so particularly on rear brakes, glazing of disc rotors and/or pads or any contamination (LHM or oil) intermittently getting on the brakes. I suspect we could be looking more at brake fade than actually the ABS operating at its own leisure.
Keep in touch; I'm very interested in this one.
Alan S