BX 16 Valve ABS

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BX 16 Valve ABS

Post by brian6 » 24 Sep 2001, 21:44

The ABS works normally under heavy braking.
The ABS panel indicator light is also operating correctly.
Occasionally(3 times out of 10) under normal braking the ABS operates.Any ideas?


Post by Jon » 25 Sep 2001, 18:14

If the ABS checks out OK, and the warning light is not lit, I can only assume that the fault lies elsewhere. Could be that there a fault with the brake doseur valve. If this is faulty, it will often intermittantly apply the brakes.
I hope that Alan S from Aus may shed some light on this problem, he is our BX 16v owning forum expert. Alan, are you there?
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alan s
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Post by alan s » 27 Sep 2001, 04:01

Hi, I'm here. Been a bit busy on other matters so sorry for the delay.
Spotted this posting the other day and it does look a bit of a weird one.
My thoughts are that it would appear to be more of a mechanical rather than electronic type of problem.
Apart from Jon's suggestion I would look at possible pistons seized or partially so particularly on rear brakes, glazing of disc rotors and/or pads or any contamination (LHM or oil) intermittently getting on the brakes. I suspect we could be looking more at brake fade than actually the ABS operating at its own leisure.
Keep in touch; I'm very interested in this one.
Alan S