XM Torque converter ??

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Jim Colla
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XM Torque converter ??

Post by Jim Colla » 17 Sep 2001, 01:31

2.1 Turbo Diesel Estate automatic. Fine in forward gears but shudder in reverse plus a clatter in Park. Rover 2000 automatics of the early seventies used to suffer from Converter bolts coming loose. They could be tightened without removing the box. Is this the same? Haynes is as ever totally vague owners are clearly only mentally capable of opening the bonnet!!

Dave Burns
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Post by Dave Burns » 17 Sep 2001, 02:25

Hi, don't think it's your torque converter, if it was it would do it in the forward gears aswell since it obviousely rotates in the same direction in forward or reverse gears, sound's like a weak or worn brake band in the gearbox, might be curable by adjustment but that will be a trip to a specialist. Have had experience of the Rover 2000 auto and have known the converter to completely shear away from it's drive plate, ended up sticking a manual box in because of the grieff.