BX Brake Discs

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BX Brake Discs

Post by David.Cox » 16 Sep 2001, 05:18

My local garage tell me that my brake discs ( front ) need changing ( MoT said it was needed). Trouble is they were done only 14k miles ago. My garage man says that modern brake pads wear discs more, but I have yet to tell him that I have checked my papers and got the mileage when they were last changed - by another garage. Was my first garage doing something funny, or is there another problem ? Garage says that there does not seem to be any other problem - eg handbrake staying on etc. Would appreciate comments/advice

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Post by pwatson » 16 Sep 2001, 17:24

Seems a bit excessive to say the least - 14000 miles ain't much. My old BX RD did 170,000 with one change of discs and I have just changed them on my "new" TGD at 130,000. Mind you they were a bit thin!- though braking was still good. I don't think the discs had been changed prior to my buying this car with 60k on the clock. Both cars have had several changes of pads so have been using the new type for some years. By the way, changing discs is a fairly easy DIY job though you may need an impact screwdriver to undo the screws.

Dave Bamber
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Post by Dave Bamber » 16 Sep 2001, 21:30

Hi David.
Was the 14000 miles all town work or motorway? All those miles in town would wear the disc's away. Most of the braking on a BX is on the fronts, which heightens the wear rate. I think BX's seem to have a bit of a reputation for using disc's quite quickly though I did 35000 miles in my old TXD in 18 months and the brakes never gave me a moments trouble. The front disc's were new when I bought the car and showed little wear 35000 miles later. Most of the miles were motorway miles. As Phil say's, the disc's are very easy to change and cheap to buy too.

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Post by David.Cox » 19 Sep 2001, 06:30

Thanks guys for your helpful comments. The miles done were NOT "town" miles; if not on motorway they were on coutnry roads. I am also very light on braking; I made some pads on my 2cv last an incredible time. Thus I am not confirmed that my previous garage put something funny on the car. Perhaps that is why I do not use them any more. Thanks anyway

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Post by Dave1 » 19 Sep 2001, 19:20

I have had 4 BX's and there seems to be a certain wear pattern in that the inside of the disc wears about 5mm from the edge of the disc top and bottom. I was told my discs were showing wear but I could not be failed for it at the last MOT. The discs were not very old either. Are yours worn in the same place? It is possible they are being a little over cautious.

alan s
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Post by alan s » 20 Sep 2001, 16:33

I think you could be a victim of one of several scenarios.
#1 The garage did not replace the discs and may have even skimmed them thereby reducing their thickness.
#2 They may have replaced them with cheap inferior quality ones (softer metal)
#3 They may have fitted non asbestos type pads which are very abrasive and which don't adversely affect quality discs but do affect inferior quality ones.
#4 Your rear calipers could be seized thereby placing the work of 4 discs on to two; the front two.
I would suggest that you cut your losses & get your repairer to replace with known quality rotors and pads & check that the rear calipers are not seized.
My last BX a 16 Trs had nearly 250,000 klms on the speedo when I sold it & although they were showing signs of wear, they were still good enough to pass our equivalent of your MoT.
Alan S