green fluid

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green fluid

Post by lara » 15 Sep 2001, 23:49

Is LHM hydroscopic? ( does it absorb water like brake fluid does ?). The reason I ask is I just had to replace a seized brake calliper.
Is this why it needs changing every 2 years?
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Post by nevorton1 » 15 Oct 2001, 02:59

dear lara,as i understand it lhm is a mineral oil and should not mix with water unlike conventional brake fluid. water can get to the protruding part of brake pistons especially if the brake pads are thin and the pistons have come out along way. or if the protective rubber boot round the piston end is split causing corrosion and seizure.

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Post by henrysheil » 15 Oct 2001, 12:51

It is mineral oil and is not hyGroscopic. Any water that gets in settles at low points like the bottom of BX front struts and leads to corrosion damage.
It needs to be changed to ensure it is clean, as with all hydraulic systems cleanliness is next to Godliness. If you could filter it cost effectively and separate any water that would be good enough but replacement is easier.