XM V6 Starting Problem

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XM V6 Starting Problem

Post by philbar » 14 Sep 2001, 00:19

Having a starting problem with a V6XM auto, occasionally it is like trying to start the car in "drive", even if the 'box is in "park", sometimes it helps to rock the gearstick, not always!, I have checked all connections to battery, has had a new ignition module, coil,in fact everything ignition wise is new, I think it could be the inhibitor switch on the autobox, as this 'box was replaced last year with a used one- does anyone have any ideas if it could be the switch?, if it is, where on the 'box is it located? and what is involved in replacment ?
Do Andyspares carry this as a item?

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Post by lez » 18 Sep 2001, 17:08

Sounds like the cable from the gear lever to the auto-gbox may need adjustment, had a rover do this, think they are same gbox, they are on the xm.