BX Club Holland @ May Crutzen / CCZL raid pics

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BX Club Holland @ May Crutzen / CCZL raid pics

Post by citf » 12 Sep 2001, 04:28

The technical event at Citroen garage May Crutzen was held september 8th 2001. The event theme was the braking system of the BX and lots of info was given to the dozens of people on how to maintain and repair the system. Dozens of BX-es turned up, took loads of pics, check them out at http://www.citf.nl and click on EVENTS.
The day after the BX club Holland event @ May Crutzen, another event in Limburg (NL) took place. It was a raid organised by the Citroen Club South Limburg and lead through the beautiful countryside of South Limburg. I took some pictures of the event and the cars. Check them out http://www.citf.nl and click on EVENTS.
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