Xantia plip + sunroof

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Xantia plip + sunroof

Post by Nikolaymk » 02 Jul 2003, 05:10

The remote central locking / alarm on my Xantia doesn't work.I've changed the batteries but still no joy. I'm aware that I can reprogram a new plip - does anyone have one for sale - apart from the online shop?
Also, the electric sun roof doesn't work. Is this a common fault and what is the most likely cause?
Many thanks.

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Xantia plip + sunroof

Post by AndersDK » 02 Jul 2003, 06:31

Have a look on the thread below on the PLiP topic :
http://www.andyspares.com/discussionfor ... IC_ID=3320
The fuse for the sunroof motor is F11 (30Amp) found in the facia fusebox lower left. Bladefuses are used all over in Citroens.
Purchase a pack af blade fuses next time you are in the s/m.
Note the extra fusebox behind battery in engine bay. The Xantia belongs to the new generation of cars fitted with a lot more fuses than usual - to protect against fire from the cabling.
This means you also have fuses for each headlamp circuit - worth remembering if a headlamp fails.
Don't rely on a visuel inspection of the sunroof motor fuse.
The sunroof mechanism may be jammed - or had been held in lock position on the switch for too long.