Proton Tiara 1.1GL = AX 11 of which model?

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Proton Tiara 1.1GL = AX 11 of which model?

Post by lennon » 08 Feb 2001, 20:13

I bought an AX which resell in Malaysia by Proton and it renamed as Proton Tiara 1.1GL during 1996, which carrying the following specs:
Engine Model : TU 1/K
Total Displacement: 1124 cc
Valve Mechanism : 8V SOHC
Fuel System : Carb
Fuel Tank Capacity : 43 litre
Fuel Type : RON97
Bore x Stroke : 72.0 mm x 69.0 mm
Maximum Torque : 90Nm at 3800 rpm
Maximum Output : 45 Kw at 6200 rpm
Maximum Speed : 161km/h
O - 100 km/h : 15.6 sec
Fuel consumption : 5.1 litre/100km at 90 km/H
Transmission Clutch : Single Dry Plate
Chassis Steering : Rack & Pinion
Suspension (Front): McPherson Struts
Suspension (Rear): Torsion Bar with Trailing Arm
Brakes : 238mm Solid Disc (F) : 165mm Drum (R)
Tyre Size : 155/70-R3
Alloy Wheels : 13 x 5.0J
Overall Length 3525 mm
Overall Width 1555 mm
Overall Height 1355 mm
Wheelbase 2280 mm
Ground Clearance 97 mm
I was looking for the equvalent model so that I can get some spare parts in the future. After I browse through the web and I found that AX11 that manufactured during 03/87 do have the similar spec but only have max. output of 40Kw. Another one having the same spec also some type of output power is AX11
during 08/89 but it was using injection but not carb. It's really making me confuse and hardly make decision by worrying choosing the wrong parts. I want to know about the different between TRE and TRS too. Please help me. Thank you very much.

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Post by paulivil » 10 Feb 2001, 12:02

<font face='Georgia'>The engine code would be interesting as carb fed 1.1 shouldn't be able to give more than 40kW in standard tune. 11 trs replaced 11 tre around 1990. What kind of carburettor does your car have?</font id='Georgia'>


Post by n/a » 11 May 2001, 15:04

The carb is a single choke Solex 32 PBISA.

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Post by paulivil » 11 May 2001, 15:20

<font face='Georgia'>All i can do is guess that perhaps that engine is equipped with a carburettor that has main jet size as per those fitted to 1.4 litre engines. That would possibly explain the slightly higher power output.</font id='Georgia'>