Xantia Alarm

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Brian Roberts
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Xantia Alarm

Post by Brian Roberts » 09 Sep 2001, 18:01

My alarm system has been playing up for some time with the right hand indicators staying on when alarmed, this has now got to the situation where the right indicators is stuck on, I have tried disconnecting the battery and leaving it for a couple of hours with no effect, on reconnection the indicator is still on. The only solution so far is to remove Fuse 17 (Alarm +). Any ideas or could anyone tell me where the alarm module is situated and the meathod of removal for inspection or replacement.

andy hannett
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Post by andy hannett » 10 Sep 2001, 01:06

Sounds like a similar problem to the one that my dad had with his Xantia.
I understand that the alarm is situated near the bulhead in the engine bay on the passenger side of the vehicle under a plastic cover.
My dad had his laarm tested by anauto spark who found that there was a faulty relay in the alarm itself causing haywire with the indicators. The spark disconnected the offending relay and the indicators no longer light with the alarm.
It was either this or be faced with a £300 bill for a new alarm!!
Recommend you speak to a spark to narrow down the problem before further action.