Where is it ......XM

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Where is it ......XM

Post by thecats » 28 Jun 2003, 03:46

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Can anyone tell me where the sender is for the outside temp guage
Its been flashing since I bought the car and I know it not
that cold at the moment. I suspect that we are talking about a faulty conector, But good old Haynes does'nt tell you where the unit is.
I think it might be under the bumper somewhere.. Thats where it was on my old 605. But I can't see it. Its a XM 2.0 Turbo on an 'L'

Dave Burns
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Post by Dave Burns » 28 Jun 2003, 04:02

Door mirror o/s IIRC.

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Post by noz » 28 Jun 2003, 15:07

the cats,
I have a 2.5td and the sensor is on the bottom of the mirror on the passenger side (near side).

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Post by mark_sp » 29 Jun 2003, 04:30

Donn't want to worry you but if the outside temperature guage works then your probably driving a Ford not a Citroen.

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Post by thecats » 29 Jun 2003, 05:00

Well I found it... Pasenger side mirror... Thanks eveyone
Mind you much good it has done me ..... It looks OK
and it still says that there is ice !!!
Maybe I should have a Ford
Maybe its colder than I think !

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Post by NiSk » 29 Jun 2003, 14:44

These sensors are prone to absorbing moisture - try drying it out with a hair dryer for a few minutes and see if it works better after that.