Question for TD owners

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Question for TD owners

Post by Fox » 25 Jun 2003, 22:08

When your engine is idle, does it shake, or does it stay completely still?
Mine shakes - always has done, thought it was normal. One of the places I went to today to get a quote for my rattling exhaust said it shouldnt shake, it should be nice and smooth, and that mine was 'misfiring' hence the shake.
Is this right? My car feels fine to drive, sounds fine, accelerates nicely, and has done ever since I got it over a year ago..

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Post by JohnD » 25 Jun 2003, 23:13

No! it shouldn't shake about. Have you checked the engine mounts. Get the car jacked up and supported and have a look at the mounting behind the sump pan. As you examine the rubber disc, it'll help if you get a second person to move the engine back and forwards.

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Post by Fox » 26 Jun 2003, 00:36

Oh dear. That is quite worrying, I always assumed it was normal. Should the engine stay completely still when at idle then?

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Post by NiSk » 26 Jun 2003, 02:26

If you have the idle speed too low the engine can start shaking in resonance. Try upping it a bit and see if the vibration goes away.

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Post by jeremy » 26 Jun 2003, 02:36

My TD BX idles nicely and is generally surprisingly smooth. however things were not always like this and when I got it it would start irregularily (even with good glow plugs) and idle rather roughly and hunt sometimes. It also would not respond to the cold start device and would just idle slowly when cold.
The cure cost me £100 to have the injectors overhauled. the effect was miraculous, all that smoke on starting that i had pretended wasn't there was gone, starting both hot and cold was instantaneous, there was a clearly defined slight increase in engine speed when cold, and best of all it was so smooth and flexible.
So what are your injectors like?
Another possibility for a low speed misfire is a minor air leak. This problem has been gone into in such detail recently on this board I would suggest a search will provide you with many a happy hours reading.

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Post by sooty » 26 Jun 2003, 03:33

My ZX td idles at approx. 850rpm when at normal temperature and approx. 1000 when cold, and is steady.
You'd be best to find why or what is causing your misfire and check your mounts especially the lower mount if you have any oil leaks.

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Post by Gavin1 » 26 Jun 2003, 17:44

My bx at normal temperature idles at 850 and judders - it can be stopped juddering by increasing the engine speed just fractionally or bring the clutch up so ther a small load on the engine. The engine is in no way misfiring so I can only presume the rubber in one of the mountings has failed.

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Post by Fox » 27 Jun 2003, 00:46

It doesnt shake violently or anything, it just vibrates a bit. I really didnt think there was anything wrong until someone said it was..
I dont think it's misfiring either - it's nice and smooth, sounds just like any other diesel I've heard and drives perfectly and accelerates fine. Surely I'd notice if it was misfiring? Just a bit worried after what the guy said..