2CV steering column

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John Brown
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2CV steering column

Post by John Brown » 04 Sep 2001, 00:46

I have a F reg 2CV Dolly and need to remove the steering column. It appears to be held on by a large U bolt. This is not shown in my Haynes manual. Does anyone know how to remove it?

Dave Bamber
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Post by Dave Bamber » 04 Sep 2001, 04:03

Hi John.
Look where the U bolt holds the column to the dash-board. You will see the nuts on the U bolt. These nuts are designed to shear off the hexagon bit you drive with a spanner and leave a theaded bit on the U bolt. You may be lucky and find the hex bits still on, if so just unbolt the column, if not you may be able to move then with mole grips, If this fails you may have to cut the U bolt. The column can be removed leaving the U bolt alone. Do this by removing a thin shield at the back of the column then remove a collar which the steering lock works on, it is held on with allen bolts. Then undo the clamp on the steering rack and the column should pull out. Hope this helps.

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Post by jonkw » 04 Sep 2001, 14:04

To remove the column itself, its not necessary to remove the ignition lock, or the U bolt, it can all be left in place.
What you do is this, at the bottom of the ignition lock is a metal shield, this is secured by a 7mm headed bolt. Remove this shield, and slide it down the column. Under the sheild is a collar clap (its 2 halves bolted together around the column), held in place by 2 recessed Allen key bolts, loosen these bolts (not easy), and the collar clamp will then slide down the column.
Remove the drivers side front wing to allow access to the column where it bolts to the rack. Use an 11mm socket and spanner to loosen the clamp, and withdraw the bolt. Then gently tap the bottom of the column upwards using a hammer and chisel.
Inside the car, hit the underneath of the steering wheel with a hammer and block of wood to bring the column up.
It should then be possible to pull the whole column up and out.
Well thats how we used to do it when I worked at a Citroen specialists.....
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