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Lohr Fardier

Post by Mervyn » 31 Aug 2001, 03:26

The Lohr Fardier 500 is based on citroen ami mechanicals. however the gear ratios are too low for effective road use. does anyone know if you can graft a 5 speed gs box onto the ami engine or alter the gearbox or differential ratios?


Post by Jon » 05 Sep 2001, 18:45

I can tell you that its quite possible to mate a GSA 5 speed box to a 2cv engine!
What you need is the bellhousing from a Visa 652CC !! Remove the gsa bellhousing, bolt up the Visa item (no mods required), 2cv engine will go straight on now.
Thats the easy bit. What I can't recall is whether you have to swop the first motion shaft or modify it. Its about 12 years since I did this, and my memory is rusty.
The above assumes that your car uses 602CC AMI/2cv engine. If it has the 1015CC Ami Super engine, you can use the 5 speed GSA box as well. You need to fit the ami super bellhousing and first motion shaft onto the 5 speed box. This makes the overall length of the engine/box shorter. You would probably have to modify the chassis where the original gearbox mount bolts on, the box is still too long. You have to move the mounting back so that the rear of the box practically touches the rack in order to get it all under the bonnet (from what I remember)
Sorry to waffle. Hope that this helps.
Jon Wood
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