1.9td ZX

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1.9td ZX

Post by terry » 29 Aug 2001, 01:52

Anyone know, who carries out engine modifications such as 'Ecosse'. Who increase output from 90 bhp to 130 bhp on the Peugeot 1.9td. But they will not touch the Citroens, although the ZX and others use the same 1.9td.

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Post by B_Draper » 03 Sep 2001, 21:37

The the Van Aken website at http://www.vanaaken.com/
I think they are based in Crowthorne, Berkshire. Reading the review letters from other customers, I understand they have done plenty of work of the Turbo Diesal unit which powers the Cit ZX and Pug 306.
If you have any work done by them, could you let me and other people on the forum how it went and what you thought of the service they gave as well as any diiference in power delivery!! Also a rough price on the work done would be good if you want to disclose the information would be excellent as well