Citroen Xantia Suspension

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mike davies
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Citroen Xantia Suspension

Post by mike davies » 24 Aug 2001, 01:04

I have an SX HDI 110 bhp estate 2.0 l diesel Xantia 1999.The suspension has given a hard ride over the last few weeks. The LHM appears clean as the car has only done 25,000 miles. The LHM level is ok, and when started from cold the stop lamp and brake lamps go out within 15 sec's. The intermediate setting has gone for no reason, but the others work.With the engine running and set to the lowest position the car sinks ok. When the lever is moved to the normal position the car does not rise for about 20 sec's as the suspension and brake lamps come on after moving the lever to the normal position.. With the exercise repeated going from the low position to the highest position the same thing happens. This also occurs from the normal to high position. Is the pump on the way out or low pressures, or something else ? The accumulator sphere ticks only every 2 min's with the engine running, this seems ok to me. The sitting on the bonnet and boot trick works as they rise to the occaision, then sink back when weight removed.Is there any thing to be conerned about or am I being too fussy ?
I hope some one can offer some advise,hears hoping. Mike Davies.

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Post by iancook2000 » 24 Aug 2001, 13:32

I believe there are ride height links at the back (could be front also) that can become seized because the later cars have anti-sink suspension and these links don't get fully exercised.
It's worth crawling under the back to have a look. I've seen postings before about this (maybe here, maybe honestjohn) and seem to remember they can be freed off with WD40.
Ian Cook