dead rev counter

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dead rev counter

Post by lara » 22 Aug 2001, 23:37

I have a G reg 89/90 Citroen BX 1.7 Turbo Diesel with a XUD 7TE engine, but the rev counter does not work. I understand there is a TDC sensor that works off the flywheel. Can someone tell me where it is? I cannot see it anywhere. Have tried Haynes manual but still cannot find it?
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Post by pwatson » 26 Aug 2001, 04:29

On the 1.9 diesel the rev counter sensor is located on the back of engine. Get under car (axle stands!)and look where right hand drive shaft enters the diff. On the diff is the speedo sensor and on the engine block near this is a grey lead leading to a white nylon (or more likely a black oily)clamp. Undo the 10 mill bolt slightly and ease out the rev counter sensor which is probably filthy also. Can't imagine how you would clean the bit on the fly wheel since it must be on the engine side of the flywheel!! Another possibility is the fact that the cable is in two pieces with connector which may also have a bad contact.
Hope this helps