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Post by skypilot » 07 Jun 2003, 02:01

Where do I find the colour code on a '95 ZX Dimension TD and what letters/numbers should I be looking for?
The local accessory shop only has Emerald Green, which seems to be a solid colour and darker than my metallic paint. Does anyone know what mine might be? My nearest Citroen dealer is 90 miles away.

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Post by blueboy2001 » 07 Jun 2003, 04:45

I had a 96 Saxo a few years back and that was a dark metallic green colour called Amazon Green - its a very common Saxo colour. Later Citroen changed the name to Rainforest Green.
Colour code will be 5 letters eg. EYCCR (Quartz Grey) and is normal stamped on one of the suspension turrets.

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Post by alan s » 07 Jun 2003, 05:47

I know this is for a BX, but is this any help when you scroll down??
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Post by skypilot » 07 Jun 2003, 22:08

Thanks alans, the paint codes are just what I needed. My car's code is KQABR which is "vert amazonie metallic". Looks like I'll have to get some specially mixed, but as it's only for some stone chips and couple of small dents one can should do.