blue smoke

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blue smoke

Post by lara » 20 Aug 2001, 01:49

If left for a couple of days, my Bx TD emits blue smoke for a few seconds. Presume this is valve stem oil seals? Do you have to take the head and everything off- a very long job or can you do in situ like on some some engines I have dealt with?
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Post by pwatson » 22 Aug 2001, 04:40

According to some pretty knowledgeable characters on another forum the BX diesel engine does not have oil stem valve seals. I say this because I posed a similar question about a Xantia TD which had similar symptoms to yours - so much blue smoke on start for a few seconds it was embarrassing! The advice I received was that it may be the oil I was using - BP fully synthetic 5w-40 which may be too thin at cold start. I have just (yesterday)changed the oil to Millers XFE 10w - 40 and it was less smoky this morning but I will give it longer before coming to a final conclusion. Incidentally, it appears from advice that if it is the valve guides that leak it is cheapest to replace the entire head than repair! I should try a "thicker" oil to start with! What oil are you using?

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Post by Rayford » 22 Aug 2001, 19:09

Hi, is the other forum you are talking about Euro.Car.Parts one?
I got some good info there too.
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