Xantia - temperature air con sensor

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Xantia - temperature air con sensor

Post by Keriso » 15 Aug 2001, 10:22

My Xantia temperature sensor that controls the air con temp inside the car emits a buzzing sound. It sound like a miniature motor running and I do not know what to do to eliminate that sound. Any one has any ideas?

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Post by Redspecial2000 » 15 Aug 2001, 13:55

Sounds like vibration from inside the dashboard to me, which can be a nightmare to fault find. Something inside is loose, probably the blower pipe.
Alternatively, the odd piece of debris has been known to blow into the vent past the filter, could just be that.
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Post by Keriso » 15 Aug 2001, 15:11

I know it is inside the dashboard which is why it drives me crazy sometimes. However I had managed to isolate the noise to the sensor which looks like a diode to me. However i cannot eliminate the buzzing sound. At the same time, this is not cause by the air vent as the vent holes are isolated.

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Post by darrenp » 20 Aug 2001, 15:58

If the sensor is the same as on my Xsara then your right it has a small motor on it which has a small fan, this I assume is to draw air from within the cabin over the sensor to get a reading.
The noise can be irritating but shouldnt be to destracting, if it really is too loud it may need replacing but if its a quiet buzz then you just going to have to live with it.
Hope this helps a bit