Help zx tracking (rear axle)

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Help zx tracking (rear axle)

Post by shezads » 12 May 2003, 18:12

Hi all,
Hope someone can help, just had the tracking/ wheel alignment set on my 94 zxtd volcane. The rear end toe is out on both sides. One is out slightly the readings are:
Rear left: Toe 0 33' (specified range - 0 15' - 0 26')
Rear right Toe -0 27' -0 28' specified range as above.
There is a 'degree' symbol after the zero on the readout - but I cannot type this, as errrm... thers no key for it on my kb.
The mechanic has written on the report "the rear axle requires attention, very hight thrust angle. Rear end crabbing towards centre of road".
When I enquired what could be causing this he informed that the it is very likely that the rear axle would need replacing as this was common on zx/306/405 etc. He also said there was no play in the bearings (this was confirmed at a local garage - whos said thast the bearing did not appear at fault - but could not say what would cause this problem).
I asked for an opinion at a local citroen specialist - who will have a look later today - but just wanted to know if anyone has any ideas what it could be.
Could the bearings be on their way out, could it be the rear bushes need replacing? I have a tow bar on the car - although I don't use it, could the use of this exaggerated wear causing this (by previous owners)? Could it be the rear arms?
he car has covered 85000 miles - is m reg zx volcane td 5dr. The does not appear to be any tell-tale signs of this problem - no weird noises, nor does it appear to have been in an accident. The car does pull slightly - but this appears to depend on the surface of the road - and also the fact that one of my front tyres is badly worn[:I].
Should I be worried? Should I just leave it and accept due to age of vehicle? New axle will be hard to locate - particularly for a volcane (as I have heard they are different to standard zx td), and also the cost of repair may not be justified due to the value of the car. I am replacing all 4 tyres in a couple of days so was hoping to get any repairs out the way first.
Sorry about rambling on[:D].
Thanks for any help in advance.

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Post by Ron » 12 May 2003, 18:19

Its sounds to me like the rear axle bushes are worn or even broken.
This is not uncommon.
This easy to check once the vehicle is jacked up it will drop down and swing on the
front mounts.

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Post by shezads » 12 May 2003, 21:57

Hi, - update on rear axle.
Just got back after getting the citroen specialist to have a look. - Turns out it was the rear bushes - they have snapped due to corrosion/wear.
Thanks, for that Ron!!
Was worried that I was looking at replacement axle.

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Post by Ron » 12 May 2003, 23:07

Oh well at least it wasn't that painful then.[;)]

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Post by Dave Burns » 13 May 2003, 02:47

If you are in the UK, why would it crab to the centre of the road.
With the left rear toe out and the right to in, its going to go the other way is it not.<b>Correction, no it isn't its going to go in the direction as described in the original post you plonker...hehe got me - and + mixed up</b>[:I]
Those figures don't look like its down to just the rear rubbers to me, front rubbers may be but then you would have had the knocking to go with them.
Looks more like impact damage to me if its not the bearings.

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Post by jeremy » 13 May 2003, 03:49

I may have misread this in which case I can only apologise but in effect the wheels are parallel 9or as near parallel as they should be, but are not aligned with the centre line of the car.
these cars were one of the first fitted with the passive self steering rear axle which I think is really a bit of very clever subframe mounting and operates by allowing the cornering force on the wheel to move the frame on its mounts and steer the wheels. It sounds to me as though there may be some deterioration of the mounts but accident damage is always a possibility. If there is accident damqage it may not be that difficult to straighten up the mounts. It doesn't sound to me that the frame itself is bent as the wheels are still in the correct relationship to each other.