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ZX radio aerial connector -

Post by tindall » 07 Aug 2001, 19:23

After putting my dashboeard back (after the heater matrix went pop), I damaged the aerial connector to the back of the radio (the standard ZX radio). It is an unusual connector, bigger than most and I can't seem to buy it anywhere. I guess a dealer will sell me one at a price - I expect they'll want to sell the whole lead. Any ideas where I can get one.

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Post by iancook2000 » 08 Aug 2001, 13:56

Been there, done that. Did you break the pin out of the centre of the connector? If so a carefully selected small nail can be inserted and the connector put back into the radio.
If it's more serious damage, you can buy a short converter lead at Halfords (from standard co-ax to ZX type) with the right connector on the end but you will have to re-terminate the busted lead with a suitable co-ax connector.
Ian Cook