Xantia Towbar

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Xantia Towbar

Post by Oska » 26 Jul 2001, 06:18

I have the offer of a free towbar.it's from a 97 estate.Problem is I have a 96 Hatchback.Will this drop straight in or will I require extra drill holes in the side brackets..Any help please..

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Post by JohnD » 27 Jul 2001, 00:50

Hi Oska - I fitted a towbar to my '98 Xantia Estate shortly after I got it. The part numbers for the estate and hatchback are quite different (and different prices as well). I would think you will have difficulty getting the estate bar to fit the hatchback. For starters the estate is .2 of a metre longer than the saloon.

Dave Burns
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Post by Dave Burns » 27 Jul 2001, 01:11

Hi Oska
If you are in the uk I can recomend http://www.towingbrackets.com you can buy from a choice of type approved manufacturers online, not Citroen of course but then not many want to pay the main dealer prices anyway, I did however pay through the nose for the Citroen Xantia wiring kit, it plugs in so you dont have to butcher the car wiring.
Regards Dave