ZX tyre sidewall damage

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ZX tyre sidewall damage

Post by awt41 » 26 Jul 2001, 01:51

For some time now I've been putting up with some strange noises from my ZX 1.9D. It's been fine when cold, but after a few miles I get what I can only describe as a whirring, drumming noise which increases in frequency with the engine speed, and stops if I knock it out of gear.A new twist to this is that I now notice that both front tyres have a groove worn into the sidewall, about .25" above the perimeter of the hub cap. It just looks as if someone has run a stanley knife around the tyre,but I suspect these grooves have been made by the outer edge of the hub cap as these are coated with rubber! Help! has anyone any idea what may be causing this? I'm assuming the noise and the grooves are associated - could it be vibration caused by a faulty driveshaft? The rear tyre are fine.
Any suggestions will be appreciated - Thanks