Stepper motor screw problem

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Stepper motor screw problem

Post by Keriso » 23 Jul 2001, 21:09

Hi there,
I was trying to dismantle the stepper motor in my second hand Xantia when I realise one of the screw head had been eaten away due to extra force by the person who had installed or work on it. Since I could not "unscrew" this screw, does anyone who has experience in dealing with such problems can offer some solutions? This problem was complicated by the screw being under the stepper motor and hence making it hard to reach and use any leverage to open it. I am at my wits end thinking of how or what tools I can use to "unscrew" it.
Any help is most welcome! Thanks

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Post by mazidee » 21 Sep 2001, 16:21

You might want to try to get a glue meant to fit in this type of problem. It will give a grip to the screw driver and the screw itself. I bought it sometimes ago at one hardware shop (I forgot where) but neve use before so I'm not sure whether it is effective. Spray some WD40 first on the screw.
Malaysian too ...

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Post by vonnig » 24 Sep 2001, 20:54

fancy that... three malaysians... chatting on a external forum... when there are plenty in m'sia... heheh... but it's good for the knowledge eh?
and keriso... hehheh... good luck with the screw ler... the potong shop usually encounter this problem and therefore just rip the thing out first... then they will use the adjustable spanner with a plier-like function to twist it out...