zx front window motors

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zx front window motors

Post by chizzy » 22 Jul 2001, 00:58

The n/s window motor is annoyingly slow up and down. Dealer has looked (yeah?)and finds nothing obvious. Any suggestions before I start ripping trim apart would be most welcome.

Dave Burns
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Post by Dave Burns » 22 Jul 2001, 17:30

My ZX had a slow o/s window some time back, the cure for mine was changing the glass guides, I assumed that because it was the drivers side it had suffered more wear than the n/s, yours being the other side may have a different problem though, look at the glass as it starts to move up or down, does it begin to move evenly or does one side start to move before the other, if it moves without rocking it is most likely the motor or a bad connection to it. Good Luck.


Post by Jon » 23 Jul 2001, 14:34

This is a really common problem, and always affects the n/s electric window, its basically caused by lack of use.
The normal remedy is to carefully remove the n/s door interior trim, then to lubricate the guides and any moving joints with a silicone lubricant, until the window goes up and down at normal speed.
This has worked well for me and a couple of other ZX owners that I know.
Jon Wood
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