Testing, Testing. Welcome!

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Testing, Testing. Welcome!

Post by Jon » 27 Mar 2003, 16:11

This is a test post @15.12 GMT on 27 March 2003 following site transfer.

Dave Bamber
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Testing, Testing. Welcome!

Post by Dave Bamber » 31 Mar 2003, 03:12

Hello chaps, welcome back![:D][:D][:D][8D]


Testing, Testing. Welcome!

Post by Interwired » 31 Mar 2003, 19:34

ok, all replies should now be visible. Apologies to anyone that suffered performance issues with the forum today, while the Database changes was being imported.
Happy posting !

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Testing, Testing. Welcome!

Post by shaunthesheep » 01 Apr 2003, 00:40

all welcome back, now [:D]

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Testing, Testing. Welcome!

Post by allmond » 01 Apr 2003, 01:16

Ah, my evenings are complete again!!
But seriously, thanks Jon for putting your neck on the line, which I'm sure you did with the bosses.

alan s
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Testing, Testing. Welcome!

Post by alan s » 01 Apr 2003, 03:28

Now; where were we when we were so rudely interrupted.[:D][:D]
Great work Jon & David, nice to see all up & at 'em again.
Now we we'll see who has the worst memory trying to remember what some of the hot topics were before all went belly up and how many are still relevant[}:)]
Took me a while to find my way back in here due to not reading the instructions properly.
Alan S

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Testing, Testing. Welcome!

Post by GreenBlood » 01 Apr 2003, 18:37

Geez, when Alan announced Andyspares was up and running again on Aussiefrogs I thought it must be one of his cruel April Fools jokes.[:p] [:o)] [:D]
Well done Jon/David
I don't post here that much, but enjoy a good read frequently[8D]

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Testing, Testing. Welcome!

Post by AndersDK » 01 Apr 2003, 22:32

[8D][8D] Just feels like the sun is shining again [8D][8D]
Well done - and thanks [:X][:X]

Dave Burns
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Testing, Testing. Welcome!

Post by Dave Burns » 02 Apr 2003, 02:07

Well that was a bit of a close call by all accounts.
Along with the others, thank's for your efforts chaps.

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Testing, Testing. Welcome!

Post by JohnD » 03 Apr 2003, 00:46

I've just seen Alan Smith's posting on Citroentech saying you were back. Two weeks ago I got back from six weeks in Spain to find you'd all disappeared. Just didn't know what to think, but suddenly, the evenings are brighter again. Not only that, I got the Xantia through the MOT this morning. Only needed new discs and pads.

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Testing, Testing. Welcome!

Post by sooty » 03 Apr 2003, 03:48

Its great to see you back.
Well done to Jon and David, a Job well do.
Probaly others like me have been lost of what to read on the Net while you have been away.
Again well done.
Sooty [:)]

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Testing, Testing. Welcome!

Post by akojic » 05 Apr 2003, 04:10

SUPER to have all of you back! This is deffinitly the best thing that happened to me this week!