Another xantia suspension problem

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Another xantia suspension problem

Post by Roy » 19 Jul 2001, 21:34

Can anybody help, my car is a xantia 1.9td sx 1995. It has been fine except the last 2-3 weeks when it started behaving as though i was riding in a boat ie the suspension floating. I have read various forums on xantia and BX and i am now getting confused as to the probable cause. On starting from cold the rear of the car dips then returns to normal height. If i move thro' the various positions low sinks the car as it should, normal appears to go to the correct height.The next position goes to full height which it should not and the maximum height position still keeps the car at full height. I have checked the various linkages under the car all appear okay. I know it may be the linkage or height corrector or spheres, or ? Any advice appreciated.
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Post by marco » 26 Jul 2001, 03:19

ye got same thing that intermidate position was working but not no more,my car fine those when i start it..its 4 years old cleaned filters .works all through rest positions no probs.