Thanks Andyspares

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Thanks Andyspares

Post by philcut » 01 Mar 2003, 01:47

A<font color="red"></font id="red"><font size="1"></font id="size1"><font face="Times New Roman"></font id="Times New Roman">A big thankyou to your Plymouth branch[^].I ordered a suitcase full of parts to bring back here,they were helpful,quick and knew their stuff-most unusual when dealing <u>Citroen</u> parts departments.Now <u>they</u> could learn from Andyspares.The parts were all delivered the next morning-unlike <u>Citroen</u> who sold me a 114 toothed timing belt instead of one with 113 teeth[:(!]and it took two weeks to arrive[:(!][:(!].I've done some of the jobs already,but i'm still working up to the BIG one-both rear arm bearings[:(].Still,i'll need a good getaway car when the war starts[?]